Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Rants on The Ending to Oreimo..or what I watched of it anyway

For anyone who has enjoyed my Animation Analysis blogs, I do apologize that the next thing I post is something like this. Animation Analysis is all about positive reviews of the things I love. This however is not. For those who don't know, The anime Oreimo had it's OVA debut a few nights ago and lets just say, it's made many people including myself mad. Most are mad from one thing, while others are mad for a separate reason. Well I was with those individuals who were angry at the show. But in all the anger I started to try and get my head together on everything that was happening before me. And From that I gave two post on tumblr. One came about day after watching what I bared my self to of the OVAs, and the second came to me the day after that. I learned abit about myself and was able to finally find acceptance. I wanted to share that here as well and I hope you take something from these short post. 

Post #1

My reaction to the ending of Oreimo
You know I have to give credit where credit is due. In all of this mess of an ending, the show creators gave us something great. A representation of what this ending did to people. When Kuroneko and Kyouske met again after a while apart, it was like me watching the OVAs. Happy at first but all to aware what was about to happen. When Kyosuke says “I’m sorry but I can’t date you. I’ve fallen for my sister”, it was like the show’s creators saying “I’m sorry but I can’t be the better show you wanted me to be. I’ve fallen for the incest route of story telling that I made you believe I wouldn’t and will destroy every other girl character I gave you in the process”. When Kuroneko tried to be strong by insulting Kyosuke and ripping apart her love diary, it was like me going on twitter and bashing this show for such a terrible decision. As she tore it and the images of all the sweet times they had together flashed before them, It was like me and remembering all the great moments this show gave us and how it made me connect with these characters. Like ripping out the notebook pages was the same as ripping out ones very heart. When she let out that howl of pain with every tear flooding out, it was like how I felt inside…and what I almost did. And when Kuroneko states basically that she will never know love again, It’s like me. I don’t think I can ever give my fandom to a show blindly ever again after this. And I’m a broken person for it all.

So thank you Oreimo writers. Thank you for giving the perfect mirror image of what you did to a majority of your fans.

I hate you.


Follow up to "My Reaction to Oriemo's ending"
I can’t believe after stating on my twitter that I was done talking about this, that I still find things to say. But so much has happened to me and my mind  as the days after have passed. And with each passing word I give, I feel I haven’t clarified things right or missed the mark.

In the last two lines to “My reaction to Oriemo’s ending “, I copied a phrase from Ayase

i hate you.

I don’t think those words fit right anymore. They don’t tell the whole story. You see no other show/movie animated or not has given me such grief, anger, confusion, and sadness than Oriemo did in it’s OVA
and…..that’s a good thing. Think about it. I’ve seen plots like this come up in many popular anime and some hidden still in the backgrounds of the internet. Many other offensive subjects and ideas have come up that rival the idea of incest or something else that in reality sickens me. But Oreimo was the first and only in these past 26 years that had this much of a reaction out of me. And that, as much as it pains me to say it, is because of a brilliant creator/writer. I had an investment in the characters they presented. I saw myself in many of these situations they were placed in. Like Kirino among other anime lovers but still the outsider because her interest was so far form everyone else. When Kyosuke was dealing with Kuroneko randomly dumping him while ignoring his messages and him crying in front of a family member so upset and confused. I have been dealt those cards too.

Where my anger in the ending was not from “best/worst girl won” bullcrap that everyone obsesses over. It wasn’t solely from then incest twist. It was from the fact that the ending took everything the show gave us in two seasons, and ripped it to shreds. And the scary thing about that all, is that they were able to do that so strongly intentionally or not. That is not only good story telling, but masterful story telling.

So those final words to the creators of the show and by that the manga as well, what I really meant to say was this

"I hate you for the decision you made, you can never fix it and you will never be forgiven for it…..but I could never erase the great things you gave me and the awesome two seasons I watched,laughed, cried, and loved for the past year or so. "

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