Saturday, September 15, 2012

Animation Analysis: Introduction

    Animation Analysis: Introduction

      Hello, my fellow anime addicts and cartoon fanatics. Welcome to my new blogs series Animation Analysis. As the name suggests this is where I discuss various things in animation that I've seen over the years: Things that have gained my up most attention, things that have moved me, things that have disgusted me, things that have changed my perspective, and some things that are hidden. In animation such as anime, cartoons, and CGI created films we are given beautiful and unique worlds: from insects struggling with life on the ground to a robot searching the stars for their lost love. It can bring to sight things no one has seen before. A lot of detail is put into these movies and shows to catch your eyes and bring you in. They flash their brilliant pallet of wonders to shock and amazes us and even bring us to tears. They leave marks on us that live with us until our last days. So in short this blog is an open love letter to everything in animation; however, that is not all this blog is about. You see I aim to dig deeper than most other bloggers and reviewers do. You see anyone can post a review of an animate movie or show they have seen. I plan to do more. 

Bringing Things To Light
     In animation, there are several hands in a production working tediously together to make a work of art. And as a result, there is a lot of detail in this said art. But sometimes things can get lost in that work and viewers can miss certain aspects. I want to shed some light on the little things that most don't see. Like the way a character expresses a certain feeling with minor or major body language or the symbolism behind ones actions on screen. 

Giving a Different Perspective 
     In the years I have watched and enjoyed things in animation, I have learned very well that not everyone sees things that same. Some things I have loved others have been misunderstood and mocked by others. I wish to give my take give the reader another idea on certain characters, plots, and ideas. Some characters need a good defense and I plan on giving them one.  

Providing Myself an Outlet 
      I've always had an acute fascination and love for certain things. But somethings can't be easily brought up in conversation. I can't explain my admiration for a movie clearly in a Facebook statues, nor can I defend my favorite hero or heroine in 140 characters. I certainly can not talk about the idea behind an entire movies' story arch in a short discussion with friends without people getting confused by my speech or interjecting with their thoughts before mine are fully explained. So This blog is my way getting out my inner thoughts.

Spoilers are to be Expected
      Like I have mentioned before, this blog is not intended to be a review series. I am not trying to convince you to buy some DVD or look something up on Netflix or Crunchyroll to view.  I will assume that when you start reading one of these blogs that you have already seen the movie or show in question and have some knowledge of the material. With dealing with specifics, spoilers will be hard if not impossible to avoid. At times my discussions will not deal in giving always major plots but at times they will. 

This is the basic ideas and structure I will be using in this blog series. I look forward to sharing my thoughts. I have a few subject ideas in store and I'm sure to gain more as I write.

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