Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite music video #1 : Run Devil Run

This is a new blog series I randomly decided to start. I love music but I also love a good music video. Sadly most music videos today just don't cut it for me. But there are a few rare gems out there that i think are worth mentioning. Well I hope you enjoy this blog series while it last. Today lets start off with one of my simplest likes as to say the video is more style than substance but still entertaining to watch. This is Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation

Artist Backstory
Girls' Generation (also know as SNSD to some) is a Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment. The story of this group is like most girl acts. The music style was very bubbly and cutesy from the start but as they grew up the music became more mature and sexy. What sets Girl's Generation apart from most girl groups is the vocal performances and near perfect dancing synchronization. Instead of one lead girl singing the song while the other girls perform backup vocals, each individual girl gets her own vocal time on each song. This means the strength of this band is not on just one "star" playing with a bunch of wannabes. 

Thoughts on the Song Itself
The vocal performance is as good as any SNSD song has been. What I really like is how the instruments slowly build from the verse to the pre-chorus and then the climatic chorus. The verse a simple but good beat with a few vocal strikes every so often then the chorus comes in with horns that seem to push the song forward. Very well mixed and performed.

Why I like the video
um...pretty girls? Yeah it seems that is the main reason I first watched this video but there is a reason why this video is so attractive. for starters the choreography is great and at times complex. The change from white to black and back to white is simple but visually effective. And I like how mixed in with the black and white color schemes is the girls with different hairstyles and outfits showing off there individual personalities. Also i like the use of quick shots and fast editing. It keeps your attention and each quick shot leave you wanting a more.

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