Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron Legacy (another underated film)

My family and I went to see Tron Legacy on the  weekend that it opened in theaters. When the movie was over the first comment I made to my sister was " I want that soundtrack!". We all loved the film and had a blast. Well, my dad had a real hard time understanding some details; even stuff that was clearly spelled out in the movie. He also found the first few minutes to be dull, which I don't get how a guy sneaking into a building and sky dying to his escape could be boring to anybody. But despite that he still liked it.

I really don't understand the negative reaction this film is getting from critics. I mean I understand that this film follows the same cliche that every long overdue sequel uses (like the son and father reconciling their distant or non-existent relationship), but for what its worth this movie uses this idea better that others. And it seems most people complain about the storyline being too simple or lacking depth. Well forgive me if a guy getting stuck in a computer for several years while his carbon copy program of himself takes over gaining some sort of king-like power to create an army to take over the real world - all while the creators son gets caught up in this strange world and having to deal with the lost time with his father and the choices he has to make in order to do what is right - is boring to you.

Quorra, played by Olivia Wilde, was one of my favorite characters but not for the reason most may think. Yeah she was a typical tough fighter who looked sexy but for me the sexiness was played subtly. And there is more to her character than that. \ I can't really explain it without giving away anything but I will tell you this, for the type of character she is playing she performs the character in a way that makes sense. Also I give props to the movie that Quorra and Sam didn't have a romantic kiss like most would expect. I am unsure if it was intended for them to look like the were in love or anything but if it was, the way they did it in the end was done well.

I found Tron Legacy to be fantastic with few flaws and the first film that I didn't mind paying the expensive 3D ticket price.

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